Friday, July 25, 2014

Departmental Competitive exam. result for MTS from GDS

Please click here to view result of Departmental competitive exam. for Posts of MTS from GDS for the year 2014.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CHQ News - Appeal : Payment of CHQ quota by circles

Circle Secretaries who have not paid their due CHQ quota at AIC Ahmedabad and those circles who have not paid their full quota for year 2013-14 are once again requested to remit their quota at the earliest. The copy of article 38 of Constitution of Association in this connection is reproduced herewith for the information to all.

All Circle Secretaries and ASP (HQ)s working in Postal and RMS divisions are once again requested to ensure deduction of monthly subscription from pay and allowances of all IPs / ASPs working in their division. Even-though whose subscription is not deducted from their pay and allowances can request their DDOs to deduct the monthly subscription from ensuing month. Without sufficient fund, CHQ is not in position to move forward to fight for justice in genuine cases etc.

Subscription: The monthly subscription shall be Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per member, payable monthly through check off system by deductions from the salaries by Drawing& Disbursing Officers (DDOs) @ Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per month. However, in case of new members, they can exercise their option in the month of April and deduction of subscription @Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per month will be made by the DDO concerned from 1st July of that year. Entire deducted subscription will be remitted to the Circle Branch. 40% of the subscription will be allocated to CHQ and the remaining 60% to Circle Branch (by Circle Secretary).

It is very shamfull for us 99% GDS paid thier monthly subscription whereas only 25% to 30% IP/ASP paying thier subscription (Rs 30/- whereas as per Directorate order subcription should be deducted Rs.50/- per month). It is humble request to all IP/ASP please pay your monthly subcrition on regular basis. You can also sent your subscription through M.O. (If not deducted from salery) excluding MO Commission on following address.
Shri S.S.Shekhawat,
Asstt. Treasurer & IP PMU
O/o the chief Postmaster General,
Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur
Bhupendra Parashar

Sunday, July 6, 2014

CHQ News - Submission of Memorandum to 7 CPC

No. CHQ/AIAIASP/7CPC-Memorandum/2014             dated  : 1st July 2014


The Secretary,
7th Central Pay Commission,
PO Box No – 4599
Hauz Khas Post Office,
New Delhi-110016

Sub:  Memorandum of All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts.

Ref:   Your letter No. 7 CPC/15/Questionnaire  dated 9.4.2014

Dear Mam,

        All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts is single recognized Association in the Department of Posts functioning for the cause of Inspectors, Posts and Assistant Superintendents, Posts & equally for the growth of the Nation. 
        It is submitted with due regards that on behalf of the All India Association of Inspectors Posts & Assistant Superintendents, Posts representing 4197  Group ‘B’ officers in the Department of Posts I am enclosing herewith a memorandum for kind consideration of the Hon’ble Commission.  These officers are middle level managers & responsible to implement all new schemes of the Department i.e Core Banking Solutions, Rural Information and Communication Tool Solutions, McCamish, Core System Integrator (handling all the Postal Operation), MGNREGA  & supervising over the entire staff working in the Department of Posts in the grade pay of Rs.1800/-, 1900/-, 2000/-, 2400/-, 2800/-, 4200/-, 4600/-.
        It is requested that CPC may kindly recommend to the Govt. to grant Interim relief to all Central Govt. Employees to the tune of 25 % of the basic Pay (PB + GP) and merger of 50 % DA with the basic pay with effect from 01.01.2011.  It is further requested that recommendations of the Hon’ble 7th Central Pay Commission may kindly be implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2014. 

        It is also requested that this Association may kindly be given the opportunity to appear before the Hon’ble  Commission in person to submit oral evidences on issues relating to the Inspectors, Posts and Assistant Superintendents, Posts and also other vital issues of common interests concerning the Postal Employees and Central Govt. Employees.

        All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts assures its co-operation to the Central Pay Commission by the way of providing facts and material and equally hopes that this Central Pay Commission would render justice to the Inspector, Posts and Assistant Superintendent, Posts cadre in the Department of Posts under Ministry of Communications and IT.

Yours faithfully,

Encl : As above     
(Vilas S. Ingale)
General Secretary

To view the entire report, please CLICK HERE. 

Report submitted through SPA No. EM123058032IN and also by email

CHQ News - Posting of Probationers of IPoS, Group A of 2010, 2011 & 2012

To view Directorate's memo No. 4-13/2013-SPG dated 30th June 2014, please CLICK HERE. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sri S. Samuel Ex-GS retiring on 30/6/2014

Our senior colleague and Ex-General Secretary Sri S. Samuel is going to retire from Govt. service on superannuation on 30/6/2014. He hold the post of General Secretary from 2005 to 2010. During the two terms he did his best to discharge the duties cast upon him without fear of reprisal. During his tenure following specific achievements were taken place (i) Conferment of gazetted status to the post of ASP, (ii) Free supply of newspaper at the residence of ASP (iii) Reimbursement of mobile phone recharge coupon/residential telephone bill (iv) Allotment of willing surplus qualified Inspector Posts candidates to other Circles, (v) Re-allotment of women Inspector Posts to respective home Circle under spouse category without waiting to complete mandatory waiting period etc. (vi) Supply of Laptop to all Sub Divisions. For his grand and successful service to this Association, we have to salute him. His mobile No. is 09444144764

This Association wishes Sri Samuel Sir, a happy, healthy and peaceful retirement life. 

CHQ News - Grant of Honorarium to Inquiry Officers (IO)/Presenting Officers (PO).

To view DoPT OM No. 142/15/2010-AVD.I dated 23/6/2014, please CLICK HERE.

CBS : Chittorgarh HO (Chittorgarh) rolled out on 23/6/2014

Shri Jitendra Gupta, PMG Ajmer Region inaugurated  Chittorgarh HO on 23.06.14, Shri R.S. Shaktawat, SPOs Chittorgarh, Shri Gopal Lal Sharma, ASP (HQ) , Postmaster and all staff of Chittorgarh HO/DO were present

On Retirement of Shri L.S.Ratnawat, ASP (HQ) Bharatpur

श्री लक्ष्मणसिंह रत्नावत (Shri L.S.Ratnawat), सहायक अधीक्षक डाक (मुख्यालय) भरतपुर के दिनांक 30.06.2014 को सेवानिवृति होने पर निरीक्षक/सहायक अधीक्षक डाक संघ,राजस्थान परिमण्डल शाखा की और से हार्दिक बधाई एवं शुभकामनाये I

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NCERT English Medium Books for Download

NCERT English Medium Books for Download

ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11AccountingFinancial Accounting - IDownload
11AccountingAcoountacy - IIDownload
12AccountingAccountacy - IDownload
12AccountingAcoountacy - IIDownload
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11BiologyExemplar ProblemsDownload
Business Studies
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Business StudiesBusiness StudiesDownload
12Business StudiesBusiness Studies - IDownload
12Business StudiesBusiness Studies - IIDownload
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11ChemistryChemistry Part - I
11ChemistryChemistry Part - II
12ChemistryChemistry - I
12ChemistryChemistry - II
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6CivicsSocial and Political Life
7CivicsSocial and Political Life
8CivicsSocial and Political Life
9CivicsDemocratic Poloitics
10CivicsDemocratic Politics
Computer and Communication Technology
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Computer & Communication TechnologyCCT Part - I
11Computer & Communication TechnologyCCT Part - II
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
10EconomicsUnderstanding Economic Development
11EconomicsIndia Economic Development 
12EconomicsIntroductory Microeconomics
12EconomicsIntroductory Macroeconomics
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6EnglishA Pact With the Sun
7EnglishAn alien Hand supplementary Reader
8EnglishIf So Happened
9EnglishBeehive English TextBook
9EnglishMoments Supplementary Reader
10EnglishFirst Flight
10EnglishFoot Prints Withour Feet(Supp. Reader)
11EnglishWoven Words
11EnglishSnapshots Suppl. Redear English
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
7EnvironmentOur EnvironmentDownload
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6GeographyThe Earth Our Habitat
9GeographyContemporary India
10GeographyContemporary India
11GeographyFundamental of Physical Geography
11GeographyPractical Work In Geography
11GeographyIndia Physical Environment
12GeographyFundamentals Of Human Geography
12GeographyPractical Work In Geography - II
12GeographyIndia-People and Economy
8GeographyResource And Development
Graphic Design
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Graphic DesignThe story of Graphic Design
Heritage Crafts
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Heritage CraftsLiving Craft Traditions of India
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6HistoryHistory - Our Past Life
7HistoryOur Past - II
8HistoryOur Pasts - III
8HistoryOur Pasts - III
9HistoryIndia and the Contemporary World-I
10HistoryIndia and the Contemporary World-II
11HistoryThemes in World History
12HistoryThemes in Indian History - I
12HistoryThemes in Indian History - II
12HistoryThemes in Indian History - III
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
9MathsExemplar Problems
10MathsExemplar Problems
11MathsExemplar Problems
12MathsMathematics - I
12MathsMathematics - II
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11PhysicsPhysics Part - I
11PhysicsPhysics Part - II
11PhysicsExemplar Problems
12PhysicsPhysics Part - I
12PhysicsPhysics Part - II
Political Science
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Political SciencePolitical Theory
11Political ScienceIndia Constitution at Work
12Political ScienceContemporary World Politics
12Political SciencePolitical Science
ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link