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PM: Postal network can become a driving force for Indian Economy

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today said that the postal network can become a driving force for the Indian Economy, just like the Indian Railways. His remarks came during the presentation of a report by the task force on leveraging the post office network. The Prime Minister, after an initial discussion on various aspects of the report, has directed that the recommendations of the task force be studied in detail within a short period of time, so that necessary follow-up action can be initiated.
684-CROP-Presentation report post office  (3)
The Prime Minister said the postman, along with the teacher, is the most respected Government employee in rural areas.
684-CROP-Presentation report post office  (2)
The Prime Minister said the Department of Posts has huge assets across India, and ways should be explored to suitably use these assets for the benefit of the people. He said post offices in rural areas can be used to deliver services and important government information to individual households.
684-CROP-Presentation report post office  (1)
The Minister for Communication and IT, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, was present on the occasion. The presentation on behalf of the task force was given by its Chairman, Shri T.S.R. Subramanian.



National Council Joint Consultative Machinary Staff Side

"Ratio between the minimum in 5th CPC and the Proposed Minimum wage. By considering gradual decrease in mulitple factor to ensure rationle between lowest pay to highest as 1:8""NEW PAY SCALE W.R. TO THE PAY OF 5TH PC""NEW PAY SCALE FOR ROUNDED TO 1000""MULTIPLE FACTOR FOR ROUNDED SCALE""NEW PAY SCALE AFTER MERGING""MULTIPLE FACTOR FOR NP SCALE AFTER MERGING"
PBPay in PBGPPay + GP
S-2775-12-891- 14-10252610-60-3150-65-35405200-20200520018007000
S-4825-15-900-20-12002750-70-3800-75-44005200-2020055301800733026000 / 2550 = 0.226010260003.55260003.55
SS-5950-20-1150-25-15003050-75-3950-80-45905200-202005880190077803050 x 10.231110310003.984.24
S-6975-25-1150-30-1540., 975-25-1150-30-16603200-85-49005200-202006069200080603200 x 10.232640330004.09330004.09
S-7"1200-30-1440-30-1800., 1200-30-1560-40-2040., 1320-30-1560-40-2040"4000-100-60005200-202005200240098404000 x 10.240800410004.17410004.17
S-81350-30-1440-40-1800-50-2200., 1400-40-1800-50-23004500-125-70005200-2020052002800111704500 x 10.245900460004.12460004.12
S-91400-40-1600-50-2300-60-2600., 1600-50-2300-60-26605000-150-80009300-3480093004200135005000 x 10.251000510003.774.15
S-101640-60-2600-75-29005500-175-90009300-3480093004200144305500 x 10.256100560003.88560003.88
S-112000-60-21206500-200-69009300-3480093004200162906500 x 10.266300663004.054.05
S-122000-60-2300-75-3200., 2000-60-2300-75-3200-35006500-200-105009300-3480093004600162906500 x 10.165650670004.05660004.05
S-132375-75-3200-100-3500., 2375-75-3200-100-3500-125-37507450-225-115009300-3480093004600184607450 x 10.174500740004.064.06
S-142500-40007500-250-120009300-3480093004800187507500 x 10.074250740003.95740003.95
S-152200-75-2800-100-40008000-275-135009300-3480093005400202808000 x 9.878400780003.854.34
NEW SCALE2200-75-2800-100-4000 (Group A Entry)8000-275-1350015600-39100156005400210008000 x 9.878400780003.714.34
S-162630/- FIXED900015600-39100156005400221409000 x 9.888200880003.973.97
S-172630-75-27809000-275-955015600-39100156005400221409000 x 9.888200880003.97880003.97
S-183150-100-335010325-325-1097515600-391001560066002581010325 x 9.699120990003.833.96
S-19"3000-125-3625., 3000-100-3500-125-4500., 3000-100-3500-125-5000"10000-325-1520015600-391001560066002520010000 x 9.696000960003.814.09
S-203200-100-3700-125-470010650-325-1585015600-391001560066002641010650 x 9.61022401020003.861020003.86
S-213700-150-4450 3700-125-4700-150-500012000-375-1650015600-391001560076002992012000 x 9.41128001130003.784.01
S-223950-125-4700-150-500012750-375-1650015600-391001560076003132012750 x 9.41198501200003.833.83
S-233700-125-4950-150-570012000-375-1800015600-391001560076002992012000 x 9.41128001130003.78120000
S-244100-125-4850-150-5300., 4500-150-570014300-400-1830037400-670003740087004610014300 x 9.21315601320002.863.01
S-254800-150-570015100-400-1830037400-670003740087004839015100 x 9.21389201390002.871390002.87
S-265100-150-5700 5100-150-6150., 5100-150-5700-200-630016400-450-2000037400-670003740089004859016400 x 9.01476001480003.053.05
S-275100-150-6300-200-670016400-450-2090037400-670003740089004859016400 x 9.01476001480003.051480003.05
S-284500-150-5700-200-730014300-450-2240037400-6700037400100004740014300 x 8.81258401260002.663.41
S-295900-200-6700 5900-200-730018400-500-2240037400-6700037400100005470018400 x 8.81619201620002.961620002.96
S-307300-100-7600 (HAG SCALE)22400-525-2450037400-6700037400120006385022400 x 8.61926401930003.023.02
S-317300-200-7500-250-8000 (HAG + SCALE)22400-600-2600075500—800007550007550022400 x 8.6196401930002.561930002.56
S-327600., 7600-100-8000 (HAG + SCALE)24050-650-2600075500—800007550007776524050 x 8042020202020002.602020002.60
S-338000 FIXED Apex Scale26000 (FIXED)80000 (FIXED)8000008000026000 x 8.22132002130002.662130002.66
S-349000 FIXED (Fixed Cab.Sec)30000 (FIXED)90000 (FIXED)9000009000030000 x 82400002400002.662400002.67

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Group B promotion orders for Supplementary DPC

Following Officials of Rajasthan Circle promoted for Group B :-

1. Shri R.S.Shekhawat, Officiating SPOs Dholpur allotted to Rajasthan Circle.
2. Shri O.P.Sodia, ASP (HQ) Bharatpur allotted to Rajasthan Circle.
3. Shri Gauri Shanker, ASP (HQ) Tonk allotted Postal Directorate.

Association congratulate all above Officials.

Group B Promotion orders

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Branch Office Transactions in DOP Finacle

(i) New Account Opening at BOs

When new account is opened at any BO and Account Opening Form is received at Account Office, User has to Select Branch Office name in the field Branch Office ID. For this, User should Go to Account opening screen of concerned scheme and click on Branch Office Code. List of BOs with BO code will appear. Select BO from where Account Opening Form is received for opening of account.

(ii) A/c Opening date (Branch Office date)

While opening of account,  Value date should be transaction date at Branch Office.Other procedure for opening of account will be same as prescribed for account opening at SO/HO. Only difference is that value date for opening of account should be BO Date and while funding the account, BO Settlement Account (0339) is to be debited. Savings Account is to be funded after opening of account and RD or TD Account is to be funded while opening the account.

(iii) B.O SB Deposit at Account Office

On receipt of Pay-In-Slip from BO, PA of Account office should follow the following process:-
a) Invoke CXFER  menu.
b) Select the Function – Add
c) Select the Transaction Type / Subtype – T/BI-Bank Induced
e) Enter the BO Name in the Transfer Particulars column by removing the word “BY TRANSFER”
f) Enter the amount of Deposit
g) Enter the BO date in the Value Date column
h) Click on Post
System will generate Transaction ID on posting the same. PA should note down TRAN ID number on Pay-In-Slip in red ink (example:- TRAN ID SB-34567) and will hand over the same to Supervisor who should verify the transaction by using same menu. Only after verification, the transaction will appear in LOT and Consolidation.

(iv) BO SB withdrawal at Account Office

For withdrawals above Rs.5000/-, when SB7 is received from BO in Account Office, PA and Supervisor will go to HACLI menu and see balance in the account. Signature of depositor should also be compared with the available signatures in Finacle and PA as well as Supervisor will follow the same procedure as being followed now and sanction will be sent to BO
On receipt of SB7 from BO after payment (either up to Rs.5000/- or above Rs.5000/-) PA of Account Office should follow the following procedure:-
  • Invoke CXFER  menu.
  • ii) Select the Function – Add
  • iii) Select the Transaction Type / Subtype – T/BI-Bank Induced
  • Enter the BO Name in the Transfer Particulars column by removing the word “BY TRANSFER”
  • Enter the amount of Deposit
  • Enter the BO date in the Value Date column
  • Click on Post
System will generate Transaction ID on posting the same. PA should note down TRAN ID number on SB7 in red ink (example:- TRAN ID SB-34567) and will hand over the same to Supervisor who should verify the transaction by using same menu. Only after verification, the transaction will appear in LOT and Consolidation.

(v) Procedure for BO SB account closure

·  When SB7A alongwith Passbook is received from BO, User will Invoke the menu         HACACCR
·  Enter the details in field “Report To” as PM
·  Select “INR” in CCY field
·   Enter the BO SB account number in the “From A/c ID”
·   Enter the same BO SB account number in the “To A/c ID”
·   Click on “Submit”
·   A message “Batch program successfully lodged “ is displayed
·  A report “Accrual Interest report” is available in the queue . Go to HPR and select         the report to print.
·   Click on the Print screen for viewing the “Interest accrual report”
·  The total amount accrued as interest till date is displayed at the end of the report.
·  Interest amount shown in the report should be added to the balance in the account noted On WARRANT OF PAYMENT of SB7A.  This should be sent to Branch Office for closure of SB account with direction that this is valid up to last working day of the month. Other procedure for sending sanction to BO should be followed.
·  On receipt of SB7A from BO after closure, invoke the menu HCAAC for account closure.
·  Select the function “CLOSE”
·  Enter the BO SB account number to close
·  Click on the check box “Transfer” in Balance field
·  Enter the BO Settlement account in the “Transfer A/c ID” field
·   Click on Go

·   The balance amount in the account will be displayed in the A/c Information tab
·    Click on the “Closure” tab to select the reason code and click on “Submit”
·    On clicking “Submit”, total amount along with interest will be displayed. BO SB account will be closed and amount adjusted in BRANCH SETTLEMENT ACCOUNT. Transaction ID generated should be noted on SB7A and submitted to Supervisor for verification. After verification, transaction will appear in LOT and consolidation.

(vi) B.O RD DEPOSIT at Account Office

· On receipt of Pay-In-Slip from BO, PA of Account office should follow the     following process:-
·  Invoke CRDP menu.
·  ii) Select the Function – Add
·  iii) Select the Transaction Type – T/BI-Transfer Bank Induced
·  Enter the RD account Number
·  Enter the amount of Deposit
·   Enter the BO date in the Value Date column
·   Mode of Payment - Click on the “Transfer” Radio button
·   Click on “Submit”

System will generate Transaction ID on posting the same. PA should note down TRAN ID number on Pay-In-Slip in red ink (example:- TRAN ID RD-34567) and will hand over the same to Supervisor who should verify the transaction by using same menu. Only after verification, the transaction will appear in LOT and Consolidation.

(vii) BO RD CLOSURE at Account Office

On receipt of SB7A and Passbook from BO, PA should first invoke Trial Closure for issue of closing sanction. Same procedure should be followed as being followed for Trial Closure of RD Accounts standing at SO/HO in Finacle. Enter closing amount in SB7A and after following laid down process of sanction of BO W/D, Passbook and SB7A should be sent to BO with the direction that sanction is valid only up to last working day of the month. If customer does not attend BO up to that date, a fresh sanction is to be obtained by BO for which fresh Trail closure should be invoked. Once paid SB7A signed by customer duly entered in BO daily Account is received at Account office, following process to be followed by counter PA:-

·   Invoke CRDCAAC menu.
·   ii) Enter the RD account number
·  iii) Enter the BO date in the Value Date column
·  Closure details will be displayed.
·   Select the repayment mode as “Transfer”
·  Enter the BRANCH SETTLEMENT ACCOUNT (SOLID0339) as Repayment ID
·  Click on “Submit”

Transaction ID will be generated and PA should note that Tran ID on SB7A and hand over to Supervisor for verification. Supervisor should verify transaction using same menu and option “Verify”. Once, transaction is verified by Supervisor, transaction will appear in LOT and consolidation.

(viii)  B.O Interest Payment of 2,3 & 5 Years TD accounts at Account Office

When SB7 is received from BO for sanction of interest, PA at Account Office (SO/HO). First Invoke the menu HTDTRAN or HIOT to check the interest accrued for the said TD account. Following procedure should be followed:-
Enter the SOL ID
Select the scheme type as None
·  Enter the TD Sundry account Number
·   Enter the period wherein the TD interest has accrued (Start date and end date)
·   Enter the TD account number in the Ref No. field
·   Click on Submit
·  Accrued TD interest is displayed.
The interest accrued can be viewed in the HPR report. The interest accrued  should be written in the Payment Warrant (SB7) and after signature of Supervisor, send back SB-7 to BO concerned after following the laid down procedure for sending sanction to BO. On receipt of TD SB7 after payment from BO, the following procedure has to be followed by PA for entering the Interest paid on TD account in case of 2/3/5 TD through HTM

·  Counter PA to invoke HTM menu
·  Select the Function – Add
·  Select the Transaction type – Cash/Cash Transfer
·  Select the Transaction Type as Debit and enter the SUNDRY DEPOSIT TD account number (0335)
·  Enter the amount of TD interest paid
·  Enter the BO TD account number in the reference column
·  Click on GO
·   Enter the BO TD account number in the Ref. No. field
·   Click on GO
·  Click on the required row which contains the unpaid TD interest for the said BO TD account.
·   Click on Accept
·  Click on the Credit Radio Button “Credit” and enter the BRANCH SETTLEMENT ACCOUNT (SOLID 0339) and in Ref No. field, enter TD Account number.
Click on Submit. Interest paid with respect to BO TD account in case of TD 2/3/5 is completed.

(ix)  CLOSURE OF BO TD ACCOUNT at Account Office

When SB7A is received from BO for sanction of TD closure, Invoke TD Trial closure for the required BO TD account and send SB7A to BO concerned by filling closure amount on Warrant by following the laid down procedure for sending sanction to BO. Before doing Trial Closure, unpaid TD interest if any should be checked by using HTDTRAN or HIOT menu. Total amount to be paid alongwith unpaid interest should be mentioned on the SB7A on the Warrant of Payment Side with signatures of Supervisor. It should also be mentioned that sanction is valid up to last working day of the month and if customer does not come for closure up to that day, fresh sanction should be obtained. All other provisions mentioned in the rules should be followed. On receipt of closed voucher from BO, the following procedure to be followed

·  Invoke the menu HCAACTD.
·  Select the Function (Z – Close) select closure 
·   Enter the BO TD account which was closed at Branch Office based on the sanction of SO/HO.
·   Enter the BO Date in the Closure Value Date field
·   Click on SVS (Signature Verification System) icon to verify the signature in the BO withdrawal voucher.
·   Click on GO
·    BO TD account details will be displayed. Check the amount of principal.
·    Click on “Closure Details” Tab
·    Select the R-Repayment A/c only option for BO Accounts
·    Enter the BRANCH SETTLEMENT ACCOUNT (SOLD ID 0339) in the Repayment    A/c ID field
·    Click on “Closure Exceptions” Tab
·    Enter the Branch Office Settlement Account (SOLID 0339)
·   Select the Closure Reason Code as NORMAL from the Searcher
·   Closure details detailing the principal, interest adjustment and actual Booked Interest (Rs.10,000 + Rs.405.94) paid as maturity proceeds to the BO TD account to be verified with the voucher.
Click on Submit. BO TD account closed at Branch Office is closed at Account Office. Transaction ID Generated by the system has to be noted on the SB7A and handed over to Supervisor for verification. After verification, transaction would appear in LOT and Consolidation.

Monday, January 5, 2015

e-Mail ID of all Sub Divisional IP/ASPs of Rajasthan Circle

Please click here to view e-Mail IDs of all Postal and RMS Sub Divisions of Rajasthan Circle.

Please always use your official e-mail ID and also activate AV/AD (Antivirus/Active Directory) activities in your Laptop.

CHQ NEWS - ‘Post office cannot be held liable for postal delay’

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 NEW DELHI, January 3, 2015


The postal department takes 15 days to deliver a speed post resulting in a woman missing out on her chance of being appointed as a JBT teacher. However, the department stands protected against claims of deficiency in services by virtue of a statute which says a post office is not liable to compensate if damage caused was not wilful or fraudulent.
The post office derives this protection from section 6 of the Indian Post Office Act, 1898 which says no official of the post office shall incur any liability by reason of any loss, mis-delivery, delay or damage, unless he has caused the same fraudulently or by his wilful act or default.
In the instant case, a woman from Gurgaon, was denied any relief by the Gurgaon District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum when she claimed a compensation of Rs. 20 lakh from three post offices after her applications for JBT teacher’s appointment failed to reach the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board’s office in time.
The woman had sent two applications for appointment of JBT teacher by way of speed post registry on December 31, 2009 through post office, Pataudi, Gurgaon with last date for submission as January 15, 2010.
The Speed Post registry failed to reach it in time to DSSS Board at Karkardooma here even as a speed post should have reached within 48 hours.
She moved the District Forum against Post Office, Pataudi, District Gurgaon, the main post office in Gurgaon and the post office at Karkardooma and also the DSSS Board seeking compensation.
In their reply, the post offices at Gurgaon told the Forum that the complainant’s post was dispatched to Speed Post Centre, Delhi on December 31, 2009 for being delivered to its destination. However, the centre in New Delhi inadvertently dispatched both the articles to Krishna Nagar head office due to heavy work in connection with mailing AIEEE admission forms. Her posts were received at Krishna Nagar office on January 15, 2010 and were anyway taken to DSSS Board but they refused to accept the same.
The post offices on their part said it was the fault of the Board that it refused to accept the applications and went on to claim protection under section 6 of the Indian Post Office Act. The Board in turn said it could not accept any application after the advertised date and time.
Accepting the arguments, the District Forum held the post office not liable. Consequently, no case of deficiency of service is made out, it said.

CHQ NEWS - SB orders issued in 2014 by Directorate

Directorate has issued following SB orders in the year 2014. Please take out the prints and keep for reference and record. 
  1. SB ORDER 01/2014 : CLICK HERE
  2. SB ORDER 02/2014 : CLICK HERE
  3. SB ORDER 03/2014 : CLICK HERE
  4. SB ORDER 04/2014 : CLICK HERE
  5. SB ORDER 05/2014 : CLICK HERE
  6. SB ORDER 06/2014 : CLICK HERE
  7. SB ORDER 07/2014 : CLICK HERE
  8. SB ORDER 08/2014 : CLICK HERE
  9. SB ORDER 09/2014 : CLICK HERE
  10. SB ORDER 10/2014 : CLICK HERE
  11. SB ORDER 11/2014 : CLICK HERE
  12. SB ORDER 12/2014 : CLICK HERE
  13. SB ORDER 13/2014 : CLICK HERE

CHQ NEWS- Association's Impact : Directorate issued clarification on revision of rates of Honorarium to Inquiry officers and Presenting officers

The issue of grant of honorarium to part time Inquiry Officer / Presenting Officers for conducting inquiries under Rule 10 of GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2011 and revision of financial powers delegated to CPMG for sanction of the Honorarium was taken up with Directorate under Lr. No. GS/AIAIASP/GDS-Hon/2013 dated 22/6/2013 and follow up was taken up vide letters dated 13/9/2013, 11/11/2013, 1/2/2014, 25/4/2014, 23/6/2014 and 25/8/2014. Finally Directorate has issued following clarification. 

Special CL for CWC to be held on 11.01.2015

Venue for above CWC will be " KHOLE KE HANUMANJI"

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seniority List of Inspector Posts for the year 2000

To view the list, please CLICK HERE. 

CHQ News - Supreme Court ruled against recovery of excess pay due to employers' mistake

Recovery of excess amount paid to Class-III and Class-IV employees due to employer's mistake is not permissible in law, the Supreme Court has ruled saying that it would cause extremely harsh consequences to them who are totally dependent on their wages to run their family. 

The apex court said employees of lower rung service spend their entire earning in the upkeep and welfare of their family, and if such excess payment is allowed to be recovered from them, it would cause them far more hardship, than the reciprocal gains to the employer. 
A bench of JS Khehar and Arun Mishra also directed that an employer cannot recover excess amount in case of a retired employee or one who is to retire within one year and where recovery process is initiated five years after excess payment. 

"We are therefore satisfied in concluding, that such recovery from employees belonging to the lower rungs (i.e., Class-III and Class-IV - sometimes denoted as Group 'C' and Group 'D') of service, should not be subjected to the ordeal of any recovery, even though they were beneficiaries of receiving higher emoluments, than were due to them. Such recovery would be iniquitous and arbitrary and therefore would also breach the mandate contained in Article 14 of the Constitution," Justice Khehar, who wrote the judgment said. 

It said that the employer's right to recover has to compared, with the effect of the recovery on the concerned employee and if the effect of the recovery from the employee would be, more unfair, more wrongful, more improper, and more unwarranted, than the corresponding right of the employer, which would then make it iniquitous and arbitrary, to effect the recovery. 

"In such a situation, the employee's right would outbalance, and therefore eclipse, the right of the employer to recover," the bench said. 

The bench passed the order on a petition filed by Punjab government challenging Punjab and Haryana high court order restraining it to recover the excess amount paid by mistake to numerous employees over the years. 

It said we may, as a ready reference, summarize the following few situations, wherein recoveries by the employers, would be impermissible in law: 

(i) Recovery from employees belonging to Class-III and Class-IV service (or Group 'C' and Group 'D' service). 

(ii) Recovery from retired employees, or employees who are due to retire within one year, of the order of recovery. 

(iii) Recovery from employees, when the excess payment has been made for a period in excess of five years, before the order of recovery is issued. 

(iv) Recovery in cases where an employee has wrongfully been required to discharge duties of a higher post, and has been paid accordingly, even though he should have rightfully been required to work against an inferior post. 

(v) In any other case, where the Court arrives at the conclusion, that recovery if made from the employee, would be iniquitous or harsh or arbitrary to such an extent, as would far outweigh the equitable balance of the employer's right to recover. 

The court said a government employee is primarily dependent on his wages, and such deduction from salary should not be allowed which would make it difficult for the employee to provide for the needs of his family and any recovery must be done within five years. 

In this case, the employees were given monetary benefits in excess of their entitlement due to a mistake committed by a concerned competent authority, in determining the emoluments payable to them.

Notification for next CWC to held on 11.01.2014 at Jaipur

Rajasthan Circle Branch, Jaipur-302 007
President                  Secretary                                 Treasurer
Atma Ram               Bhupendra Parashar                       Gauri Shanker
9414775300                        414576782                                  9829536096


No. IP/ASP/Raj/CWC/2013                                                            Dated 24.12.2013

Under the provisions of article 46 of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents Posts, it is hereby notified the Circle Working Committee of Association will be held at Jaipur on Sunday, the 11th January, 2015 at 11.00 hrs .
Venue: -   Jaipur
1.   Confirmation of proceedings of Last Circle Conference held at Jodhpur on 24.08.2013
2.   Organization Review.
3.   Discussion on issues realtes to next All India Conference to be organized at Jaipur in the next year.
4.   Any other item with the permission of the chair                
All CWC office bearers are requested to attend the meeting well in time.

(Bhupendra Parashar)
Circle Secretary
IP/ASP Association, Raj. Circle
Copy to:

1.      The Chief Postmaster General, Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur for kind information. Necessary orders may kindly be issued to all concerned for grant of special casual leave to office bearers and CWC members.
2.      Sri V.S.Ingale, General Secretary, All India Association of Inspectors & ASPs, CHQ, New Delhi for kind information.
3.      Sh. Atma Ram, President of the Association.
4.      All office-bearers and CWC members.

List of CWC Members

Shri Atma Ram, ASP (BD & Mkt.), R.O.Ajmer
Vice President
Shri D.R.Suthar, ASP (W) Jodhpur
Shri S.R.Panchal, ASP (Petition), C.O. Jaipur
Circle Secretary

Shri Bhupendra Parashar, IP (Comp), C.O. Jaipur
Asstt. Circle   Secretary
Shri Tarun Sharma, ASP (BD), R.O.Jodhpur
Shri Vijay Singh Jain, ASP (Vig) R.O.Ajmer
Shri C.P.Prajapat, ASP (INV), C.O.Jaipur

Shri Gauri Shanker, ASP (HQ), Tonk
Asstt. Treasurer
Shri S.S.Shekhawat, IP (PMU), C.O.Jaipur
Shri Govind Vaishnav, ASP (Inv.) R.O.Ajmer
Shri Jitendra Kapoor, ASP (HQ) Bikaner
Organization Secretary
Shri Ajay Chug, ASP Sub Dn. Hanumangarh
Shri B.B.Jagga, Dy. Postmaster, Jaipur GPO
Shri S.P.Palod, ASP Sub. Dn., Beawar

Shri C.L.Chippa, ASP RMS ‘J’ Division,Ajmer
CWC Member
Ms.Pooja Verma, ASP (HQ) Beawar

Shri. R.S.Bhati, IP (PMU), R.O.Jodhpur

Shri Rakesh Dhingra, ASP (OD) Nagaur

Shri Anil Kaushik, IP (PG), Jodhpur

Shri Gopal Lal Sharma, ASP (HQ) Chittorgarh

Shri Pal Singh, IP Sardarshahar

Shri Surendra Sharma, IP Gangapur City

Shri Ramesh Chandra Meena, IP Gulabpura

Shri Tilkesh Sharma, ASP Banswara

Shri P.R.Rathore, ASP (OD), Pali

Shri Mohan Singh Meena, ASP Sub Dn. Alwar

Shri Govind Sharma, ASP (Comp), C.O.Jaipur

Shri Rajveer Shankhwar, SAS, CO Jaipur

Shri R.L.Moond, ASP Sub Dn. Jodhpur

Shri S.N.Bairwa, IP Shahpura

Shri Deepak Kumar, IP Srimadhopur