Monday, January 5, 2015

CHQ NEWS- Association's Impact : Directorate issued clarification on revision of rates of Honorarium to Inquiry officers and Presenting officers

The issue of grant of honorarium to part time Inquiry Officer / Presenting Officers for conducting inquiries under Rule 10 of GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2011 and revision of financial powers delegated to CPMG for sanction of the Honorarium was taken up with Directorate under Lr. No. GS/AIAIASP/GDS-Hon/2013 dated 22/6/2013 and follow up was taken up vide letters dated 13/9/2013, 11/11/2013, 1/2/2014, 25/4/2014, 23/6/2014 and 25/8/2014. Finally Directorate has issued following clarification. 

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